[etoys-dev] First draft of Etoys Reference Manual Glossary

Edward Mokurai Cherlin mokurai at sugarlabs.org
Mon Sep 24 02:49:05 EDT 2012

I gathered the terminology of Etoys, Squeak, and Smalltalk that appear
in the Etoys Reference Manual into a Glossary chapter, and defined all
of it that I could based on exploring Etoys directly, Help files, and
documentation on Web sites. For almost all Etoys terms, I included
examples of the corresponding graphical objects, such as Morphs,
menus, tiles, and icons. Please review.

There remain a few items for which I did not find answers, so I am
inquiring here.

forward direction: What effect or use does it have?

Graphic value type: How does one change or use the value?

KeyStroke (Script Status): I don't see it on the Script Status list.

Patch value type: What can one do with a variable of this type?

Recognizer (Squeak): What is it? What should it be applied to? How is
it invoked? There is a keyboard shortcut for it in Etoys, but I don't
understand its effects.

I see on scanning through what I wrote that I need to add explanations
of the three-button mouse and the corresponding mouse-keyboard

I am quite pleased to have found that so much can be uncovered by
exploring the system, but there remains a great deal about Etoys
programming that I have not yet uncovered or found documented
anywhere. The next step for me is going to be a greatly enhanced
Turtle Graphics project, incorporating material translated from Turtle
Art in Sugar, such as my own Turtle Art tutorials. After that, I want
to learn how a number of objects and projects in Etoys were
constructed, and whether I can do the same in Etoys for other
purposes, or whether I have to work in Squeak. The book of Etoys Quick
Guides in the Help flap is among the first such targets.

Edward Mokurai (默雷/निशब्दगर्ज/نشبدگرج) Cherlin
Silent Thunder is my name, and Children are my nation.
The Cosmos is my dwelling place, the Truth my destination.

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