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Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Fri Oct 19 04:48:26 EDT 2012

On Oct 18, 2012, at 7:11 PM, Edward Mokurai Cherlin wrote:

> I have repaired the obvious damage in the More Objects chapter, and I
> am now working on
> * Making sure that all objects are defined in the appropriate chapter,
> and that no essential information has been lost

I will see when I can find the time to look at that. What I already saw is that you put back the implementation details. As I wrote in the mail before, this information should not be in the objects chapter.
> * Moving all information on Squeak implementations of Etoys objects to
> a new appendix, Morph Definitions

This is very good!
> * Putting moved information on Etoys components of Etoys objects back
> with their descriptions

I need to see what you mean by this. Maybe I inadvertently removed some text from the objects chapter? Or even an object that belongs to Etoys? But I'm not sure what you mean with "information on components". I removed the explanation of user interface components, since we have a whole chapter "User Interface" where this information already is written. Or do you mean notes on the objects? I left all your questions in, because these are very useful and should be answered. But bug reports belong to the tracker. I didn't delete these, but put them in the "more objects" chapter temporary, until someone goes through it and files the bug reports related to it. Of course, a note for the user is very helpful! But we also intended to use the "AppendixKnownErrors" for that.  
> I remain unhappy about the extra work I am having to do in order to
> undo the damage I found this morning.

Ah, you know, I know that feeling ....
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