[etoys-dev] lost paint palettes

Edward Mokurai Cherlin mokurai at sugarlabs.org
Tue Oct 16 11:20:22 EDT 2012

Aha! Shift-drag is not in the Etoys Reference Manual. Thanks. I'll add
it to the User Interface chapter this afternoon.

I just tested this for the case of a Paintbox moved behind its Sketch
Editor, where I can grab the object in the background if I drag so as
to surround it but not the Sketch Area.

It turns out that the Sketch Editor does not respond to a right-click
with the eToyFriendly preference on, but does respond with it off. So
that's a second method.

On Sun, October 14, 2012 3:45 am, K. K. Subramaniam wrote:
> On Saturday 13 Oct 2012 10:18:24 AM Kathleen Harness wrote:
>> Several times this past week with middle beginners, the palette was gone
>> and they could not tell me what they did. I know the paints' halo does
>> not
>> have an X but it is possible to use the black handle and move it
>> completely out of sight.
> Which version of Etoys? In 4.1, dragging PaintBox outside of the screen
> area
> sticks it against the edge or corner. It doesn't disappear fully. If it is
> collapsed, you should see a small window along the top left side of the
> screen
> to restore it.
>> Sometimes when that happened the paint brush was
>> the only cursor and the project could not be continued and sometimes the
>> cursor appeared when outside of the paint scrim but there was no way to
>> trash the scrim and the project had to be abandoned, started again.
> You can select the 'onion skin' (SketchEditor) by shift-drag rectangle
> selection, just like you would select a group of objects. However,
> trashing
> this does not close the palette automatically :-(. You may have to get a
> holder, drop it in and then trash the holder.
> Regards .. Subbu
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