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Edward Mokurai Cherlin mokurai at sugarlabs.org
Mon Oct 15 13:49:02 EDT 2012

This inconsistency of pushpin use is but one of many such cases where
I find that we need an extensive and detailed refactoring of all of
Etoys and Squeak. The sloppiness of text demands complete
proofreading. The definitions that fail to define and the help text
that fails to help also.

I am making notes in the draft Etoys Reference Manual of such things,
and providing alternate definitions and help. I am thinking also about
how to create a manual for discovering Etoys, with only such hints as
are required at various levels.

How much of Etoys and Squeak can we teach in third grade, where
numerous experiments show that we can teach text-based programming?

How much of Etoys can we teach to preliterate preschoolers, using
nothing bearing text? What if we rejiggered the scripting tiles to use
only graphics to identify objects and Unicode symbols as names of
functions, as I have done in a version of Turtle Art?

On Sat, October 13, 2012 11:40 am, Harness, Kathleen wrote:
> Hi,
> The pushpins are very useful to beginners but they are not always
> available as menus are opened from within menus. It would help beginners
> if the pushpins were always available as they use these menus. Consistency
> would help them predict what would happen if they use it or choose not to
> use it.
> Examples:
> Sketch's white menu-painting has many useful choices but does not stay
> open is the cursor moves too much outside of it nor after an option has
> been selected. The option in that menu to erase pixels of color can erase
> the whole object and if the menu feels too transient students and students
> are reading a long list, and feel hurried to choose, sometimes not what
> they wanted.
> Border style has a pushpin but fill style and drop shadow do not have
> pushpins.
> Regards,
> Kathleen
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