[etoys-dev] lost paint palettes

karl ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 17:07:53 EDT 2012

I can not reproduce as you describe.

I can not shift drag the paint area.
I can move the paintbox virtually off screen but for the most part it
will move back so it's border is showing.
But I can always grab it and move it back onscreen.

Side note: I can see that menu item 'send to back' can be harmful for
the paintbox.
Especially when 'unlimited paint area' preference is turned on.


On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 9:02 PM, Harness, Kathleen
<kharness at illinois.edu> wrote:
> Hi Subbu, .
> This below is using Etoys 5.0 on my PC.
> Drag the paint palette out of view of the right side of the world with left click and drag and it does show along the edge.
> Drag the paint palette using the black halo handle and it moves out of sight leaving just a little of the set of halo handles showing. Click on the world and those handles vanish leaving just the paint area rectangle and no way to get to that paint palette.
> After doing the above steps and shift drag around the remaining paint area rectangle, the X will delete the area. Then try to open a new paint tool from the Nav Bar and I get a paint area rectangle and brush still showing and  the message about only one paint tool at a time. Other objects in Supplies, eg Text are still available for use as usual, it is just paint tool's palette that is gone.
> I am not explaining this well. We may need to Google + screen share so I can show this happening. It breaks every time for me.
> Thank you for attributing to me deeper knowledge than I have . . . I do not know how to use this information even when I follow the steps "use "debug..." to "explore the world". The onion skin shows up under "root->submorphs->SketchEditorMorph" and its associated PaintBoxMorph is
> held in its palette attribute. Sketch editor creates a new paintbox only when necessary."
> Regards,
> Kathleen
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> On Sunday 14 Oct 2012 12:42:16 PM Harness, Kathleen wrote:
>> Subbu,
>> I am using Etoys 5 here at home and the students were using the latest
>> version of Etoys-to-Go. In either case, slide the paint palette out of
>> sight, (I see the resistance you describe as sticking to an edge) but then
>> click on the world and the paint palette's halo vanishes, the palette is
>> out of sight and the paint area is still there.
> I just downloaded Etoys-To-Go-5.0 from squeakland and couldn't reproduce this
> behavior. When I drag the palette off the right edge, the palette's border
> sticks out at that edge. If I now click on the world, the halo does vanish but
> the border is still stuck at the edge. I could restore the palette back into
> the screen area by dragging on the border.
>> Using the Shift-drag rectangle discards that lonesome paint area but
>> clicking for a new paint tool from the Navigator Bar brings the message
>> "you can only paint one object at a time".
> I couldn't reproduce this too. If I drag-select the sketch editor skin and
> delete it, the paintbox still hangs around but if I click the "make a
> painting" button, I get a new sketch editor associated with the old paintbox.
> BTW, you can bring up the world menu with one of ALT-COMMA/CTRL-COMMA/CMD-
> COMMA and then use "debug..." to "explore the world". The onion skin shows up
> under "root->submorphs->SketchEditorMorph" and its associated PaintBoxMorph is
> held in its palette attribute. Sketch editor creates a new paintbox only when
> necessary.
> Regards .. Subbu
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