[etoys-dev] lost paint palettes

K. K. Subramaniam kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 11:37:31 EDT 2012

On Sunday 14 Oct 2012 12:42:16 PM Harness, Kathleen wrote:
> Subbu,
> I am using Etoys 5 here at home and the students were using the latest
> version of Etoys-to-Go. In either case, slide the paint palette out of
> sight, (I see the resistance you describe as sticking to an edge) but then
> click on the world and the paint palette's halo vanishes, the palette is
> out of sight and the paint area is still there.
I just downloaded Etoys-To-Go-5.0 from squeakland and couldn't reproduce this 
behavior. When I drag the palette off the right edge, the palette's border 
sticks out at that edge. If I now click on the world, the halo does vanish but 
the border is still stuck at the edge. I could restore the palette back into 
the screen area by dragging on the border.

> Using the Shift-drag rectangle discards that lonesome paint area but
> clicking for a new paint tool from the Navigator Bar brings the message
> "you can only paint one object at a time".
I couldn't reproduce this too. If I drag-select the sketch editor skin and 
delete it, the paintbox still hangs around but if I click the "make a 
painting" button, I get a new sketch editor associated with the old paintbox.

BTW, you can bring up the world menu with one of ALT-COMMA/CTRL-COMMA/CMD-
COMMA and then use "debug..." to "explore the world". The onion skin shows up 
under "root->submorphs->SketchEditorMorph" and its associated PaintBoxMorph is 
held in its palette attribute. Sketch editor creates a new paintbox only when 

Regards .. Subbu

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