[etoys-dev] lost paint palettes

Harness, Kathleen kharness at illinois.edu
Sun Oct 14 08:42:16 EDT 2012

I am using Etoys 5 here at home and the students were using the latest version of Etoys-to-Go.
In either case, slide the paint palette out of sight, (I see the resistance you describe as sticking to an edge) but then click on the world and the paint palette's halo vanishes, the palette is out of sight and the paint area is still there. 

Using the Shift-drag rectangle discards that lonesome paint area but clicking for a new paint tool from the Navigator Bar brings the message "you can only paint one object at a time".

This is not an urgent problem just something I noticed and wondered if it could be prevented in the next release. As it stands now when this happens, students get to practice patience and resiliency.

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On Saturday 13 Oct 2012 10:18:24 AM Kathleen Harness wrote:
> Several times this past week with middle beginners, the palette was gone
> and they could not tell me what they did. I know the paints' halo does not
> have an X but it is possible to use the black handle and move it
> completely out of sight.
Which version of Etoys? In 4.1, dragging PaintBox outside of the screen area
sticks it against the edge or corner. It doesn't disappear fully. If it is
collapsed, you should see a small window along the top left side of the screen
to restore it.
> Sometimes when that happened the paint brush was
> the only cursor and the project could not be continued and sometimes the
> cursor appeared when outside of the paint scrim but there was no way to
> trash the scrim and the project had to be abandoned, started again.
You can select the 'onion skin' (SketchEditor) by shift-drag rectangle
selection, just like you would select a group of objects. However, trashing
this does not close the palette automatically :-(. You may have to get a
holder, drop it in and then trash the holder.

Regards .. Subbu
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