[etoys-dev] menu pushpins

Harness, Kathleen kharness at illinois.edu
Sat Oct 13 11:40:23 EDT 2012

The pushpins are very useful to beginners but they are not always available as menus are opened from within menus. It would help beginners if the pushpins were always available as they use these menus. Consistency would help them predict what would happen if they use it or choose not to use it.

Sketch's white menu-painting has many useful choices but does not stay open is the cursor moves too much outside of it nor after an option has been selected. The option in that menu to erase pixels of color can erase the whole object and if the menu feels too transient students and students are reading a long list, and feel hurried to choose, sometimes not what they wanted.

Border style has a pushpin but fill style and drop shadow do not have pushpins.
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