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Sun Mar 25 16:32:57 EDT 2012

Karl Ramberg uploaded a new version of System to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-kfr.60
Author: kfr
Time: 25 March 2012, 10:33:25 pm
UUID: 65a4d985-d2cb-8345-b845-b1e0b4256b30
Ancestors: System-kfr.59

Change extent of Scraps-book

=============== Diff against System-kfr.59 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Utilities class>>scrapsBook (in category 'scraps') -----
  	| header aButton label |
  	ScrapsBook ifNil:
+ 		[ScrapsBook _ BookMorph new pageSize: 300 at 350; setNameTo: 'scraps' translated.
- 		[ScrapsBook _ BookMorph new pageSize: 200 at 300; setNameTo: 'scraps' translated.
  		ScrapsBook color: Color yellow muchLighter.
  		ScrapsBook borderColor: Color darkGray; borderWidth: 2.
  		ScrapsBook removeEverything; evenFewerPageControls; insertPage.
  		ScrapsBook setProperty:#transitionSpec toValue: (Array with: 'silence'  with: #none with: #none).
  		header _ AlignmentMorph newRow wrapCentering: #center; cellPositioning: #leftCenter.
  		header setProperty: #header toValue: true.
  		header addMorph: (ScrapsBook tanOButton).
  		header addMorphBack: AlignmentMorph newVariableTransparentSpacer beSticky.
  		label _ (UpdatingStringMorph new target: self) beSticky.
  		label font: Preferences standardEToysFont.
  		header addMorphBack: label.
  		label getSelector: #trashTitle; useStringFormat; step.
  		header addMorphBack: AlignmentMorph newVariableTransparentSpacer beSticky.
  		header addMorphBack: (aButton _ SimpleButtonMorph new label: 'EMPTY' translated font: Preferences standardButtonFont).
  		aButton target: Utilities; color:  Color veryLightGray; actionSelector: #maybeEmptyTrash;
  				setBalloonText: 'Click here to empty the trash.' translated.
  		ScrapsBook currentPage addMorph: (TextMorph new contents: 'Objects you drag into the trash will automatically be saved here, one object per page, in case you need them later.  To disable this feature set the "preserveTrash" Preference to false.
  You can individually expunge objects by hitting the - control, and you can empty out all the objects in the trash can by hitting the "EMPTY" button at top right.' translated
+ 			wrappedTo: 290).
- 			wrappedTo: 190).
  		ScrapsBook addMorphFront: header.
  		ScrapsBook setProperty: #scraps toValue: true].
  	^ ScrapsBook
  	"Utilities emptyScrapsBook"

Item was added:
+ (PackageInfo named: 'System') postscript: '"below, add code to be run after the loading of this package"
+ Utilities emptyScrapsBook
+ '!

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