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Release-HowTo: Add some details on the Linux installer

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 ### Windows
+Korakurider has been building Win installers. Maybe he can tell us how?
 ### Mac
+Bert has been building Mac installers. Maybe he can tell us how?
 - don't forget to update app version number in
   (should be checked automatically in build script)
 ### Linux
+Linux installers (rpm, deb, etc.) are built by many people, the
+"packagers" of the various Linux distributions. They need a "source"
+tar ball from us. It needs to be uploaded to sugarlabs and then be 
+announced (e.g. on the Sugar-devel list and the debian squeak list).
+The Makefile etc. lives in the repository at
+    http://git.sugarlabs.org/etoys
+The Etoys package depends on the distro's own Squeak VM package, it
+does not contain architecture-dependent code (only a shell script).
+### Sugar
+The Etoys Sugar activity has its own git repository at
+    http://git.sugarlabs.org/etoys
+The activity only launches etoys, which must be installed separately.
 6. Miscellaneous files

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