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Author:   kfr
Date:     2012-03-19 17:56:45 +0000 (Mon, 19 Mar 2012)
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Update news to version 5.0.2402

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Modified: trunk/Etoys/NEWS
--- trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2012-03-19 16:25:58 UTC (rev 1406)
+++ trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2012-03-19 17:56:45 UTC (rev 1407)
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+5.0.2402 (19 mars 2012)
+* The labels on certain "detailed watchers" -- those for which the variable-name and the "getter selector" do not bear the default relationship -- are wrong. [SQ-1052]
+* PasteUpMorph instance variable autoLineLayout had only one accessor and could be replaced by a self send
+* Adds 'button to show/hide this script' to the Scriptor menu. When chosen, this will produce a button which, when pressed, will show the Scriptor -- or, if the Scriptor is already showing, hide it. The resulting button can subsequently be edited via its halo in the usual ways, e.g. to change the name, the color, the balloon help.
+* Unlike all other vocabularies, the DateFormat vocabulary was getting added to the system's vocabulary-list by a class-initialize method of CalendarMorph, and this meant that it got lost whenever the list is rebuilt, e.g. via 'Vocabulary initialize'.
+* Fix vertical resize of supplies flap [SQ-1046]
+* Fix label ('texutally')
+* Change the order in which the items appear in the 'pen use' category of the viewer, as per request from Avigail.
+* Remove the 'scriptable button' from the supplies flap, and in its place offer a Polygon.  This change won't immediately be apparent after this code is loaded, but will show up on the next build, and can be seen in current beta images if you use the flaps menu to 'destroy all shared flaps', then 'install olpc etoy flaps'.
+* GraphPaper: Slight adjustment in parameters that define the x-y plane, to make the way tick-marks on the two axes line up on the underlying grid more uniform.
+* properly fix missing ')' in menu [SQ-1044]
+* Add screen feedback showing what would be torn off in a drag.  Overridden vacuously here to avoid a crash when super code is applied to a SystemQueryPhrase. [SQ-1043]
+* Try avoiding walkbacks when fixing projects [SQ-1041]
 5.0.2401 (12 mars 2012)
 * ScratchConnect: Fixed a couple of potential issues detected after a more detailed code review:

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