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Thu Mar 15 18:02:04 EDT 2012

Karl Ramberg uploaded a new version of MorphicExtras to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: MorphicExtras-kfr.65
Author: kfr
Time: 15 March 2012, 11:01:32 pm
UUID: f936855e-86b9-487f-9adb-e492df16161a
Ancestors: MorphicExtras-kfr.64

1.  Change the order in which the items appear in the 'pen use' category of the viewer, as per request from Avigail.
2.  Remove the 'scriptable button' from the supplies flap, and in its place offer a Polygon.  This change won't immediately be apparent after this code is loaded, but will show up on the next build, and can be seen in current beta images if you use the flaps menu to 'destroy all shared flaps', then 'install olpc etoy flaps'.

=============== Diff against MorphicExtras-kfr.64 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: EToyVocabulary>>masterOrderingOfPhraseSymbols (in category '*morphicExtras-Charts') -----
  	"Answer a dictatorially-imposed presentation list of phrase-symbols.  This governs the order in which suitable phrases are presented in etoy viewers using the etoy vocabulary.  For any given category, the default implementation is that any items that are in this list will occur first, in the order specified here; after that, all other items will come, in alphabetic order by formal selector."
  	^ #(beep: forward: turn: getX getY getLocationRounded getHeading getScaleFactor
  		getLeft getRight getTop getBottom  
  		getLength getWidth 
  		getTheta getDistance getHeadingTheta getUnitVector
  		startScript: pauseScript: stopScript: startAll: pauseAll: stopAll: tellAllSiblings: doScript:
+ 		clearOwnersPenTrails getPenDown getPenSize getPenColor getTrailStyle getDotSize
  		getColor getUseGradientFill getSecondColor  getRadialGradientFill  getBorderWidth getBorderColor getBorderStyle getRoundedCorners getDropShadow getShadowColor 
  		getVolume play playUntilPosition: stop rewind getIsRunning getRepeat getPosition getTotalFrames getTotalSeconds getFrameGraphic getVideoFileName getSubtitlesFileName
  		getGraphic getBaseGraphic
  		#getAutoExpansion #getAutoLineLayout #getBatchPenTrails getDropProducesWatcher #getFenceEnabled #getIndicateCursor #getIsOpenForDragNDrop #getIsPartsBin #getMouseOverHalos #getOriginAtCenter #getShowThumbnail
  	 getFenceEnabled getKeepTickingWhilePainting getOliveHandleForScriptedObjects  getUseVectorVocabulary
  		#getRed #getGreen #getBlue #getAlpha #getHue #getBrightness #getSaturation
  		getLeftEdgeMode getRightEdgeMode getTopEdgeMode getBottomEdgeMode getPixelsPerPatch addToPatchDisplayList: addToTurtleDisplayList: removeAllFromPatchDisplayList removeAllFromTurtleDisplayList
  		clear diffusePatchVariable decayPatchVariable getDiffusionRate getEvaporationRate getSniffRange getDisplayType getDisplayScaleMax getDisplayShiftAmount
  		getPatchValueIn: die getUphillIn: getTurtleVisible getReplicated getTurtleOf: getAngleTo: getDistanceTo: bounceOn: bounceOnColor:
  		getVertexCursor getVerticesCount getXAtCursor getYAtCursor prependVertex insertVertexAtCursor appendVertex removeAllButCursor removeVertexAtCursor shuffleVertices getLineCurved getLineOpened getShowingHandles
  		getDate getDay getMonth getYear getDayName getMonthName getDateFormat goToToday getJulianDay
  	getMinVal getMaxVal getPixelsPerUnit getUnitsPerMark getMarksPerLegend getShowNegativeArrowHead getShowZero)!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Flaps class>>defaultsQuadsDefiningPlugInSuppliesFlap (in category 'predefined flaps') -----
  	"Answer a list of quads which define the objects to appear in the default Supplies flap used in the Plug-in image"
  	^  {
  	{#ObjectsTool. #newStandAlone. 'Object Catalog' translatedNoop. 'A tool that lets you browse the catalog of available objects' translatedNoop}.
  	{#AllScriptsTool. #allScriptsToolForActiveWorld. 'All Scripts' translatedNoop. 'Stop, Step, and Go buttons for controlling all your scripts at once.  The tool can also be "opened up" to control each script in your project individually.' translatedNoop}.
  	{#AllPlayersTool. #allPlayersToolForActiveWorld. 'Players' translatedNoop. 'A tool listing all the scripted objects in the project.' translatedNoop}.
  	{#TrashCanMorph. #new	. 'Trash' translatedNoop. 'A tool for discarding objects' translatedNoop}.
  	{#TextMorph	. #authoringPrototype. 'Text' translatedNoop.	'Text that you can edit into anything you desire.' translatedNoop}.
  	{#RecordingControls. #authoringPrototype. 'Sound Recorder' translatedNoop. 'A device for making sound recordings.' translatedNoop}.
  	{#RectangleMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Rectangle' translatedNoop. 'A rectangle' translatedNoop}.
  	{#EllipseMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Ellipse' translatedNoop.  'An ellipse or circle' translatedNoop}.
  	{#StarMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Star' translatedNoop. 'A star' translatedNoop}.
  	{#BookMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Book' translatedNoop. 'A multi-paged structure' translatedNoop}.
  	{#ScriptingSystem. #prototypicalHolder. 'Holder' translatedNoop. 'A place for storing alternative pictures in an animation, etc.' translatedNoop}.
  	{#JoystickMorph	. #authoringPrototype. 'Joystick' translatedNoop. 'A joystick-like control' translatedNoop}.
  	{#PasteUpMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Playfield' translatedNoop. 'A place for assembling parts or for staging animations' translatedNoop}.
  	{#FlapTab. #authoringPrototype. 'Flap' translatedNoop. FlapTab helpMessage}.
+ "	{#ScriptableButton. #authoringPrototype. 'Button' translatedNoop. 'A button to use with tile scripting; its script will be a method of its containing playfield' translatedNoop}."
+ 	{#PolygonMorph.	#authoringPrototype.		'Polygon' translatedNoop.		'A straight-sided figure with any number of sides' translatedNoop}.
- 	{#ScriptableButton. #authoringPrototype. 'Button' translatedNoop. 'A button to use with tile scripting; its script will be a method of its containing playfield' translatedNoop}.
  	{#SimpleSliderMorph.	#authoringPrototype.	'Slider' translatedNoop.	'A slider for showing and setting numeric values.' translatedNoop}.
  	{#GrabPatchMorph.	#authoringPrototype.	'Grab patch' translatedNoop.	'Make a new "Sketch" by designating a rectangular area of the screen' translatedNoop}.
  	{#LassoPatchMorph.	#authoringPrototype.	'Lasso' translatedNoop.	'Make a new "Sketch" by "lassoing" an area of the screen' translatedNoop}.
  } asOrderedCollection!

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