[etoys-dev] three quick fixes

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Thu Mar 15 17:45:07 EDT 2012

The attached fileout arises out of the Educators' online meeting today.


Change Set:		threeThings-sw
Date:			15 March 2012
Author:			Scott Wallace

1.  Change the order in which the items appear in the 'pen use' category of the viewer, as per request from Avigail.

2.  Remove the 'scriptable button' from the supplies flap, and in its place offer a Polygon.  This change won't immediately be apparent after this code is loaded, but will show up on the next build, and can be seen in current beta images if you use the flaps menu to 'destroy all shared flaps', then 'install olpc etoy flaps'.

3.  Slight adjustment in parameters that define the example x-y plane, to make the way tick-marks on the two axes line up on the underlying grid more uniform.


Sorry for again bypassing the tracker and instead sending this as an old-fashioned change-set, with three quite different tweaks, but with the clock ticking ever more loudly, I wanted to get these fixes out quickly.

Karl -- thank you, as ever, for getting these into the update stream :)

 -- Scott

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