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Revision: 1264
Author:   kfr
Date:     2012-03-12 22:27:33 +0000 (Mon, 12 Mar 2012)
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Modified: trunk/Etoys/NEWS
--- trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2012-03-12 21:02:39 UTC (rev 1263)
+++ trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2012-03-12 22:27:33 UTC (rev 1264)
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+5.0.2401 (12 mars 2012)
+* Fixed a couple of potential issues detected after a more detailed code review:
+- Disconnect the socket when deleting the morph.
+- Changed a couple of sends in Player from "costume" to "costume renderedMorph", otherwise they would fail if the ScratchClientMorph is rotated.
+- Changed #stepTime to only return 0 if the morph is connected, otherwise send "super stepTime".
+- Changed to avoid connecting if another instance is already connected to the same host and port.
+* Add connector label font to Standard systems font menu
+* Attach label to connector midpoint from connector menu
+* Added ScratchConnect from Koji Yokokawa, with a minor change from Scott Wallace: all methods from ScratchClientPlayer moved to Player.
+* KeyPressMorph: fix event listener registration
+* Fix keyboard up/down interpreter logic
+* Limit the choices for types for user-defined variables and for parameters for user-defined scripts.
+- Adds balloon help for items in the menu for a variable in a viewer.
+- Clean up some symbol-list-type-related issues.
+- Reformulates a couple of recently-added UI elements into more translation-friendly formats.
+* Fix drag and drop and file services for animated gifs
+* Default to stop sound when done on Linux
+* Just 'grey out' decimal places in the variable panel, don't remove it. Swap places of remove variable and modify variable in menu
+* Update list info when contents is changed in SoundLibrary
+* Execute "Vocabulary initialize" when building image
+* Fix translatable strings in variable properties dialog
+* Fix sampling rate when adding sound to sound library
+* Several typo fixes among others [SQ-1040]
+* Set preference to use properties panel to true. We now use PropertiesPanel as default for color picker. 
+- A simplyfied properties panel as default, buttons to get to graph paper, gradients and other settings
+* Fix Watchers for sound tiles
+* Fix drag and drop plus file services for .aif/.aiff files
 5.0.2400 (5 mars 2012)
 * Delete properties panel if target not is in world

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