[etoys-dev] Fwd: using ScratchConnect in the next Etoys release

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Sat Mar 10 00:23:01 EST 2012

Hi, Richo,

So maybe we should now go on ahead and push the ScratchConnect code to the repository, in time for the second beta.

As you wrote earlier, Koji-san's implementation makes unconventional use of a custom subclass of Player as a root for its uniclasses, whereas the usual practice is for uniclasses to sprout directly from Player.  This is no great problem, I suppose, but at the same time I think we might as well continue to follow our established conventions.

So I attach a fileout which is basically the same as Koji-san's ScratchConnect, except that it uses vanilla Players, not ScratchPlayers, and the Player code that he had put into ScratchPlayer has been moved to Player.  Otherwise no change…

Since you're the engineer who has looked into this, it would probably be best if you check this out, and if you approve, do the publishing, if you have time :)

Thank you!

  - Scott

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> From: Koji Yokokawa <ky at yengawa.com>
> Subject: Re: using ScratchConnect in the next Etoys release
> Date: March 9, 2012 6:31:52 PM PST
> To: Scott Wallace <scott.wallace at squeakland.org>
> Cc: karl ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com>, Rita Freudenberg <rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de>
> Thank you for having interest to ScratchConnect.
> That is open under the MIT-License. I'll write it on the SqueakSource.
> Scott Wallace wrote 12/03/06 6:56:
>> Dear Koji-san,
>> People have been expressing interest in having your ScratchConnect included in the forthcoming new etoys release.
>> But we are uncertain about the licensing arrangements for your code -- is it MIT-licensed?
>> Also, do you know of any special issues that we might need to be aware of when contemplating the incorporation of ScratchConnect into Etoys?
>> And, finally, would you have any objections to ScratchConnect being used in the etoys distribution?  Would we also need formal buy-in from the Scratch people?
>> Thank you!
>>   -- Scott Wallace
> -- 
> Koji Yokokawa <ky at yengawa.com>
> http://www.yengawa.com/

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