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Date:     2012-03-06 15:43:05 +0000 (Tue, 06 Mar 2012)
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Update for News file

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+++ trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2012-03-06 15:43:05 UTC (rev 1106)
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+5.0.2400 (5 mars 2012)
+* Delete properties panel if target not is in world
+* Addresses various bug-reports and recommendations relating to recent number-line and graph-paper updates:
+- Enforce reasonable ranges for the sliders governing the grid parameters, taking the grid-size, coarse-grid-size , and playfield dimensions into account.
+- Provide a button to request 'graph paper' from the 'generic property sheet' when appropriate.
+- Retain position of number line when its pixelsPerUnit changes.
+- Disable the 'offset' when coarse-grid in effect.
+- Protect sliders against zero-divide that can happen if minVal = maxVal.
+- Protect InfiniteForms against incidental calls to #darker and #twiceDarker that can be sent to any object's fillStyle by some of the custom border code.
+- Removes about a dozen superfluous methods that had mistakenly lingered in the earlier updates, and removes three inst vars of NumberLineMorph that were remnants from earlier code
+* Change the bumper that is put out at the front of a .pr file so if it is encountered by an older version of etoys, instead of simply refusing to load, it now describes the problem to the user and gives the option of proceeding anyway. Note: also retains the older bumper guard against loading into even older systems. Pre-olpc-era projects can still not be loaded
+* Add number lines, for use both in cuisanaire-rod-like applications and as axes for cartesian planes and graphs.
+* Following watchers (SQ-1029) Add "attached watchers": watcher variants that behave as if "attached" to the object they are observing. Unlabeled and labeled versions are available. from both the halo-menu and the viewer of an attached watcher, one can configure where it should attach to the observed (e.g. left, topLeft, top, etc...) and how much it should be offset from the nominal attachment position.
+* Adds a graph-paper option for the fillStyle of playfields.
+* Adds a graph-paper tool, allowing all the contributing factors to be viewed and manipulated, and the results seen immediately.
+* Fixed darker scrollbars in panel and a bug with offset and coarse grid
+* Preserved "Subject" information in the EToyProjectDetailsMorph when reading in older projects, transferring the info into the free-form "Tags" field.
+* Added balloon help: 'Move toward the given object. If the object has an instance variable named speed, the speed of the motion will be governed by that value'
+* Now changed the correct string (I hope) from "Really delete the project <name> and all its contents? <yes/no>" to "Really delete the icon and remove the project from Etoys (file will still be saved on disk) <yes/no>"
+* When saving file display only: Name, Notes and Tags - Remove Subject, Target Age, and Region  - Matches Scratch (can fold subject entries into tags for existing and older versions) I just commented the code, it might be good to clean up a bit but I didn't dare to remove anything.
+* The pen trails work different in a playfield than in the world. In the world the background morph is draw above the pen trails, but in the playfield the pen trails are draw above the background. The latter is the correct.
+* Added a morph to test if a key is currently pressed.
+* Fixed a bug when making a script that sets some object's heading to zero and then trying to rotate the object manually (via halo) while the script is ticking.
+* Fixed a bug when trying to set the pen down on the world. Even though the tile is hidden it can be accessed if you look for it in the search pane. Also, the error appears when you try to step over a button script.
+* Correct three codes for full Mac ISO keyboard
+* Generate proper key down / up events for Mac. The keyValuenow it is set to an upper-case character value as if the keyboard had a US-layout. The code refers to the physical key, not its label in a language-specific layout. That means e.g. on a German keyboard, the 'z' key will report $z in a stroke event but $Y in an up or down event. OTOH, e.g. WASD will always refer to the same 4 keys commonly used for navigation, even if using the French AZERTY layout instead of QWERTY.
+* Added a new dialog for adding/modifying user slots.
 * Deficient support for Point-valued variables( SQ-1012)
 * A slightly modified version of Ricardo Moran's CalendarMorph circulated in late 2011. Provides a scriptable calendar object, with a variety of useful items available in the 'calendar' category of its viewer.(SQ-1008)
 * Add Ricardo Moran's "Sector" object to the system. Provides a new kind of object corresponding to a "sector" of a circle; its viewer offers items reporting the angle and radius of the sector.(SQ-1007)

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