[etoys-dev] New vocabularies

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Mar 6 09:56:09 EST 2012

I noticed we have many more vocabularies now (see initializeStandardVocabularies). Some where added for this release, some in previous ones.

However, are we sure they are correctly integrated? When I browse references to the old list types, e.g. TrailStyle, I see they are listed in at least two more places, namely:


The latter seems to govern the inclusion of a list type in the type menu of a new variable. So shouldn't all new types be listed there? But why are some of the older ones left out, too? And what is the #literal: method about? Maybe there should be a single place listing valid user types?

Secondly, we used to avoid camel-casing the items in these list types. However, the new AttachmentEdge type uses e.g. 'topLeft' whereas the old CellPositioning type uses 'top left'. Can we correct this before the new release?

Also, there is a typo, 'bottomRight center' should be 'bottomRight' 'center'.

- Bert -

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