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Date:     2012-03-04 18:57:03 +0000 (Sun, 04 Mar 2012)
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Release-HowTo.txt: explanation of how to add example projects to the gallery

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--- trunk/Documentation/Release-HowTo.txt	2012-03-03 15:17:15 UTC (rev 1103)
+++ trunk/Documentation/Release-HowTo.txt	2012-03-04 18:57:03 UTC (rev 1104)
@@ -356,6 +356,27 @@
     host:ExampleEtoys user$ svn rm EtoysCastle.006.pr
     host:ExampleEtoys user$ svn add EtoysCastle.007.pr
+If there is a new example, it needs to be added to the Gallery project.
+This is a bit tricky, we need to ensure the example file is found in
+the ExampleEtoys folder. Here's what to do:
+1. Open the Gallery. Load all new examples, going back to the Gallery
+   project after each. This will add the new thumbnails, which are
+   ProjectViewMorphs.
+2. Arrange the thumbnails to your liking.
+3. Before saving the Gallery project, fix up the ProjectViewMorphs by
+   executing this:
+    World submorphsDo: [:m |
+    	((m isKindOf: ProjectViewMorph)
+    	    and: [m isTheRealProjectPresent]) ifTrue: [
+    		    m project: (DiskProxy global: #Project
+        			selector: #namedExample:
+        			args: {project name, '.pr'})]].
+   This is needed so the project will be found in the ExampleEtoys
+   folder.
+4. Move the new Gallery project file to the Etoys folder, and the
+   examples to the Etoys/ExampleEtoys folder
 NOTE: the Home, Gallery, and Tutorials projects in the Etoys directory
       (not Etoys/ExampleEtoys) need to be updated _before_ building the
       image, since they are preloaded into the image itself.

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