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Sun Jun 24 16:31:43 EDT 2012

Bert Freudenberg uploaded a new version of GetText to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: GetText-bf.16
Author: bf
Time: 24 June 2012, 10:31:35 pm
UUID: d4ca0109-a283-44de-a385-92b4fd84ff2a
Ancestors: GetText-bf.15

Better comment in POT for translators about the meta-phrases 'Language-Name' and 'Language-Direction'

=============== Diff against GetText-bf.15 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: GetTextExporter>>createExtraInformation (in category 'private') -----
  	| extras |
  	extras := OrderedCollection new.
+ 		'ATTENTION TRANSLATORS!! This should be the name of your language as you would like it to appear in the Languages menu, e.g. "Español" or "English"' 'Language-Name'
+ 		'ATTENTION TRANSLATORS!! Put in the directionality of your language, that is "LTR" for left-to-right or "RTL" for right-to-left' 'Language-Direction'
- 		'Language name as you''d like it to appear in the Languages menu' 'Language-Name'
- 		'Directionality of language' 'Language-Direction'
  		) pairsDo: [:first :second |
  			extras add: (Array with: '' with: first with: second).
  	^ extras!

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