[etoys-dev] Windows and non-ASCII file names

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Jun 21 05:49:10 EDT 2012

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Hi Karl,

does this also happen with the latest Windows VM?


We are quite a few versions behind (3.11.4). Maybe we just need to upgrade the VM ... I'll also cc Andreas, maybe he has a clue.

Maybe you could also test if this happens with a current Squeak 4.3 image. Possibly we're just missing some change in Etoys.

- Bert -

On 2012-06-20, at 23:34, karl ramberg wrote:

> That is indeed a very nasty bug.
> I can confirm it happens on my aging Win XP machine.
> Karl
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 9:43 PM, Luis Valente <is.valente at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Karl
> I'll appreciate your attention. So I tryied to simulate the error and it dont occurs on my system to. But, i remember another etoys user on Master in Education who had similar error. Do that:
> 1 - put Etoys-to-go in a folder named for example Etoys-tó-go (note the o accute);
> 2 - try to start Etoys (in my system - vista 32 - etoys.exe can't reach the .image, so I give the path and it starts correctly but don't write the path in the ini file
> 3 - while etoys is running imported a picture file whithout problems;
> 4 - when I attempt to save the project I got the error UTF8 shown in attached printscreen. Also include the log hoping this could help.
> (note that this problem is very frequent. I'm teaching etoys to school teachers which reported same error serveral times)
> Thanks again,
> Luis<image.jpeg>
> 2012/6/20 karl ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com>
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 7:39 PM, Luis Valente <is.valente at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi Kathleen,
> > Many thanks for your help, but this is not the problem. The kid in question
> > knows very well how to insert pictures in etoys projects by dragging or by
> > inserting using the file dialog. The problem is that, at least in my
> > thought, the computer's username is interfering with the insertion of images
> > in some strange way due it has portugues characters, because caption's the
> > message error is referring to UTF8 something... I think it is a problem to
> > developers, so I'll get detailled information about this and come again.
> > Thank you :-)
> >
> > Luis
> If you can post the error log or a screenshot of the error we can investigate.
> I just tested opening a file called i called mariajosé.jpg and had no issues.
> It could be many reasons for the error message so we need some clues.
> Karl
> >
> >
> > 2012/6/20 Harness, Kathleen <kharness at illinois.edu>
> >>
> >> Hi Luis,
> >> I have attached an example showing a thumbnail from my Pictures being
> >> dragged into Etoys and showing it there too.
> >>
> >> If your student is trying to drag and drop a word document, it won't work.
> >> Moving words needs: CTRLc to copy and CTRLv to past highlighted text into a
> >> text box in Etoys for word docs.
> >>
> >> Hope this is helpful.
> >> regards,
> >> Kathleen
> >>
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> >> Subject: [squeakland] problems importing pictures into etoys project
> >>
> >> Dear friends,
> >> I'm in troubles with a project from one of my young students. The kid
> >> needs to import a picture form documents folder, but all the attempts aren't
> >> succeed. I think it is because is user name in windows has an "é" (e
> >> accute). So every time he tries to place the image in a etoys project he get
> >> a error message wich I cant reproduce from memory.
> >> I suspect it is related to UTF8 coding. Few months ago, I found that
> >> etoys-to-go wasn't functioning in a laptop width Windows 7! The user name
> >> computer's was "mariajosé" so, I edited the etoys.ini to reflect the path
> >> were .image was using changing th username "mariajosé" to "mariajosé" and
> >> corrected the problem.
> >> So, I'm asking how can I do to solve permanently the problem width
> >> pictures my little student is facing?
> >> Thanks
> >>
> >> Luis

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