[etoys-dev] 5.0.1

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Jul 1 12:34:36 EDT 2012

Last week I announced a release candidate for 5.0.1:
Perhaps that mail was too buried in the squeakland thread? I got no feedback at all, nobody reported on their testing of either 5.0.1 nor the new OLPC OS.

Today I uploaded another release candidate incorporating the latest changes:

Please test. Here's the list of changes since 5.0 (straight from the NEWS file):

5.0.2408 (1 July 2012)
* 5.0.1 RC2
* Added translation: en_GB
* Updated translation: da, de, bn, hy, hus, zh_CN
* Move ScratchClient to 'Tools' category
* Revert addition of graph-location watcher items to Morph's extras menu. The viewer is a better way to get watchers.

5.0.2407 (25 June 2012)
* 5.0.1 RC1
* Added translation: hus
* Update translations: da, de, es, nl, pt, sv, zh
* Sugar: fix choosing objects from external media instead of Journal, and handle non-ASCII filenames
* Etoys-To-Go: added Linux VM for ARM processors
* make saved projects that do not use new features more likely to work in earlier versions of Etoys (SQ-1095)
* adds a preference, 'singlePixelNib', so the smallest brush will draw with a one-pixel-wide nib (SQ-1004)
* fix dropping a GIF image into Etoys (SQ-1094)
* mark month names and weekday names for translation (SQ-1102)
* some ScratchConnect fixes from Koji Yokokawa (SQ-1085, SQ-1086, SQ-1087)
* better comment in POT for translators about the meta-phrases 'Language-Name' and 'Language-Direction'
* minor fixes (SQ-811, SQ-869, SQ-1036, SQ-1045, SQ-1051, SQ-1088, SQ-1096, SQ-1099)

- Bert -

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