[etoys-dev] SQ-1013 - button to show script (How to make scripts "visible/discoverable" without having your screen covered with scriptors all the time)

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Sun Feb 26 23:31:09 EST 2012


I like the idea in SQ-1013 <http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-1013>,
but have some other thoughts on solving the problem which I prototyped in
Etoys (using tile scripting only, Etoys Rocks!!!).

Am sharing with the dev list and the rest of the community to get their
ideas and input.
The project can be seen

Couple more changes to the prototypes in my project I would suggest:

   1. The "Collapse/Uncollapse" button should be right next to the script
   name, so you don't get that visual jerkiness of the button moving when you
   click it.
   2. Instead of just changing length and folding up, you could fold in to
   (ie: set the width to just past the "Collapse/Uncollapse" button to have
   more visible screen real estate.
   3. We may want a Show/Hide all scripts option (perhaps with a keyboard
   shortcut.)  FYI, I misnamed some of the buttons in the project as
   "Show/Hide" when they were really "Collapse/Uncollapse", then realized we
   need both.
   4. It would be nice to have a more visually appealing
   "Collapse/Uncollapse" method, where instead of changing the length of the
   Script Editor, we "glide" the change over a period of time.  (I started
   playing around trying to prototype this and ran into other issues, but
   separate subject and a separate email will follow).

Thanks for all your work (and Richo's and Karl's, Bert's, Subbu's, ...) the
next version of Etoys will be even better with bug fixes and new features,
can't wait!!!

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