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Sat Feb 25 17:10:54 EST 2012

Ricardo Moran uploaded a new version of Etoys to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Etoys-Richo.109
Author: Richo
Time: 25 February 2012, 7:09:54 pm
UUID: 4e4101da-5f52-7948-be93-833f3eb95b7f
Ancestors: Etoys-Richo.108

Sixteen items for Squeakland 2012:
8. When saving file display only: Name, Notes and Tags - Remove Subject, Target Age, and Region  - Matches Scratch (can fold subject entries into tags for existing and older versions)

I just commented the code, it might be good to clean up a bit but I didn't dare to remove anything.

=============== Diff against Etoys-Richo.108 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: EToyProjectDetailsMorph>>fieldToDetailsMappings (in category 'project details') -----
  	"Answer an array describing, top to bottom, the details of each element.
  		Each element is a tuple consisting of:
  			1.	field name (internal)
  			2.	key in the project-details dictionary
  			3.	text (english version) to be shown in the entry's label at left.
  			4. vertical space to allow
  			5. entry type: (if missing, text is implied)
  				#text --> editable text field
  				#popUp --> pop-up of choices"
  		{#description. 'projectdescription'. 'Description' translatedNoop. 100}. 
  		{#author. 'projectauthor'. 'Author' translatedNoop. 20}.
  		{#keywords. 'projectkeywords'. 'Tags' translatedNoop. 20}.
+ 		"{#subject.  'projectcategory'.  'Subject' translatedNoop.  20.  #popUp}.
- 		{#subject.  'projectcategory'.  'Subject' translatedNoop.  20.  #popUp}.
  		{#age.		'projectage'.	'Target Age' translatedNoop.  20.  #popUp}.
+ 		{#region.		'projectregion'.	'Region' translatedNoop.  20.  #popUp}.	"
- 		{#region.		'projectregion'.	'Region' translatedNoop.  20.  #popUp}.	

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