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Sat Feb 18 06:46:29 EST 2012

Bert Freudenberg uploaded a new version of Multilingual to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Multilingual-bf.23
Author: bf
Time: 18 February 2012, 12:46 pm
UUID: 037cc32a-84f2-4283-9f6f-660af260dc9c
Ancestors: Multilingual-bf.22

Correct three codes for full Mac ISO keyboard

=============== Diff against Multilingual-bf.22 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MacUnicodeInputInterpreter class>>initialize (in category 'class initialization') -----
  	VirtualKeycodes := ByteArray new: 128.
  		"A" 16r00 $A
  		"S" 16r01 $S
  		"D" 16r02 $D
  		"F" 16r03 $F
  		"H" 16r04 $H
  		"G" 16r05 $G
  		"Z" 16r06 $Z
  		"X" 16r07 $X
  		"C" 16r08 $C
  		"V" 16r09 $V
+ 		"ISO_Section" 16r0A $§
- 		"ISO_Section" 16r0A nil
  		"B" 16r0B $B
  		"Q" 16r0C $Q
  		"W" 16r0D $W
  		"E" 16r0E $E
  		"R" 16r0F $R
  		"Y" 16r10 $Y
  		"T" 16r11 $T
  		"1" 16r12 $1
  		"2" 16r13 $2
  		"3" 16r14 $3
  		"4" 16r15 $4
  		"6" 16r16 $6
  		"5" 16r17 $5
  		"Equal" 16r18 $=
  		"9" 16r19 $9
  		"7" 16r1A $7
  		"Minus" 16r1B $-
  		"8" 16r1C $8
  		"0" 16r1D $0
  		"RightBracket" 16r1E $]
  		"O" 16r1F $O
  		"U" 16r20 $U
  		"LeftBracket" 16r21 $[
  		"I" 16r22 $I
  		"P" 16r23 $P
  		"L" 16r25 $L
  		"J" 16r26 $J
  		"Quote" 16r27 $'
  		"K" 16r28 $K
  		"Semicolon" 16r29 $;
  		"Backslash" 16r2A $\
  		"Comma" 16r2B $,
  		"Slash" 16r2C $/
  		"N" 16r2D $N
  		"M" 16r2E $M
  		"Period" 16r2F $.
  		"Grave" 16r32 $`
  		"KeypadDecimal" 16r41 $.
  		"KeypadMultiply" 16r43 $*
  		"KeypadPlus" 16r45 $+
+ 		"KeypadClear" 16r47 escape
- 		"KeypadClear" 16r47 nil
  		"KeypadDivide" 16r4B $/
  		"KeypadEnter" 16r4C enter
  		"KeypadMinus" 16r4E $-
  		"KeypadEquals" 16r51 $=
  		"Keypad0" 16r52 $0
  		"Keypad1" 16r53 $1
  		"Keypad2" 16r54 $2
  		"Keypad3" 16r55 $3
  		"Keypad4" 16r56 $4
  		"Keypad5" 16r57 $5
  		"Keypad6" 16r58 $6
  		"Keypad7" 16r59 $7
  		"Keypad8" 16r5B $8
  		"Keypad9" 16r5C $9
  		"Return" 16r24 cr
  		"Tab" 16r30 tab
  		"Space" 16r31 space
  		"Delete" 16r33 backspace
  		"Escape" 16r35 escape
  		"Command" 16r37 nil
  		"Shift" 16r38 nil
  		"CapsLock" 16r39 nil
  		"Option" 16r3A nil
  		"Control" 16r3B nil
  		"RightShift" 16r3C nil
  		"RightOption" 16r3D nil
  		"RightControl" 16r3E nil
  		"Function" 16r3F nil
  		"F17" 16r40 nil
  		"VolumeUp" 16r48 nil
  		"VolumeDown" 16r49 nil
  		"Mute" 16r4A nil
  		"F18" 16r4F nil
  		"F19" 16r50 nil
  		"F20" 16r5A nil
  		"JIS_Yen" 16r5D nil
  		"JIS_Underscore" 16r5E $_
  		"JIS_KeypadComma" 16r5F $,
  		"F5" 16r60 nil
  		"F6" 16r61 nil
  		"F7" 16r62 nil
  		"F3" 16r63 nil
  		"F8" 16r64 nil
  		"F9" 16r65 nil
  		"JIS_Eisu" 16r66 nil
  		"F11" 16r67 nil
  		"JIS_Kana" 16r68 nil
  		"F13" 16r69 nil
  		"F16" 16r6A nil
  		"F14" 16r6B nil
  		"F10" 16r6D nil
  		"F12" 16r6F nil
  		"F15" 16r71 nil
+ 		"Help" 16r72 insert
- 		"Help" 16r72 nil
  		"Home" 16r73 home
  		"PageUp" 16r74 pageUp
  		"ForwardDelete" 16r75 delete
  		"F4" 16r76 nil
  		"End" 16r77 end
  		"F2" 16r78 nil
  		"PageDown" 16r79 pageDown
  		"F1" 16r7A nil
  		"LeftArrow" 16r7B arrowLeft
  		"RightArrow" 16r7C arrowRight
  		"DownArrow" 16r7D arrowDown
  		"UpArrow" 16r7E arrowUp
  	) pairsDo: [:code :sel | | char | sel ifNotNil: [
  		char := sel isSymbol ifTrue: [Character perform: sel] ifFalse: [sel].
  		VirtualKeycodes at: code + 1 put: char asInteger]]

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