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Author:   kfr
Date:     2012-02-13 21:13:07 +0000 (Mon, 13 Feb 2012)
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Modified: trunk/Etoys/NEWS
--- trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2011-12-27 19:37:32 UTC (rev 1053)
+++ trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2012-02-13 21:13:07 UTC (rev 1054)
@@ -1,3 +1,29 @@
+* Deficient support for Point-valued variables( SQ-1012)
+* A slightly modified version of Ricardo Moran's CalendarMorph circulated in late 2011. Provides a scriptable calendar object, with a variety of useful items available in the 'calendar' category of its viewer.(SQ-1008)
+* Add Ricardo Moran's "Sector" object to the system. Provides a new kind of object corresponding to a "sector" of a circle; its viewer offers items reporting the angle and radius of the sector.(SQ-1007)
+* Ricardo Moran's implementation of a step-next-phrase feature in etoy Scriptors, with minor curating by Scott Wallace.
+* Modified the way the locale changes are notified to morphs. Basically, Project>>#updateLocaleDependentsWithPreviousSupplies:gently: now sends #localeChanged to all morphs and the default implementation in Morph does nothing.
+* Added Scotts fix to retain the old order (first all morphs that are not top-level ScriptEditorMorphs)
+* Added #localeChanged to Morph with an empty implementation. Subclasses that want to get notified of a locale change should override this method.
+* "Open script" halo handle for ScriptActivationButton(SQ-1005)
+* Fix for triggering opening and closing scripts. (SQ-999)
+* OLPC Display: When you are showing 'actual pixels', the zoom goes outside of expected area.
+* Add blur: brightness: satruation: and hue: to graphics category. Now possible to play a little with picture colors etc.
+* Display animated gifs better. Some additions to AnimatedImagemorph. Its now possible to play and stop animaton. Possibility to toggle the opaque setting from etoys as well. The gif reader does not set opaque correctly so it's pure chanse if playback looks right.
+* Hide old VideoCamera morph
+* Remove GStreamer from partsbin
+* Add WebCamMorph
+* Add CameraPlugin to Etoys
+* Fix keyDown/keyUp events. Must not be interpreted. 
+* Fix (SQ-983) (in Spanish, viewer does not start with basic category). This was caused by differing translations in different domains. Now we always use the 'Etoys-Tiles' translation domain.
+* Fix copyrigth check
+* Revert some of the ViewerLine changes pickup and visual feedback changes (SQ-972)
+* eToys typo (SQ-979)(SQ-978)(SQ-977)(SQ-980)(SQ-981)(SQ-982)(SQ-983)(SQ-910)(SQ-986)(SQ-994)(SQ-984)
+* By changing to show page controls full breaks stuff in QuickGuides etc. Page controls will be shown short hereby (SQ-636)
+* Update copyright notice to match file
+* Using Arrows to decrease from 0.01 displays epsilon instead of 0.00 in scripting tiles (SQ-946)
 4.1.2394 (7 June 2011)
 *Fix issue with Watchers(SQ-941) 
 *Removes NCNoteMorph from ObjectsTool

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