[etoys-dev] Etoys 5.0 intro materials

Harness, Kathleen kharness at illinois.edu
Sun Feb 12 08:12:05 EST 2012

Trying again, yesterday I sent this from my Gmail account and it didn't reach you, the developers. The ed team has a copy and Richo and Steve sent notes saying they liked the ideas. The attachments are just drafts.

I have been following the conversations about the new version of Etoys, but I do not have a good grasp of what will be included nor how some it can be used. Still, I want to help and the attachments are two possibilities.

Would a book be a good way to show all of the new features in one place? It would not add to the Quick Guides and would be highly visible. It could also have a section of bug fixes or improvements.

One good thing about using a book would be, when the next version is introduced, that the blue cloud could read Etoys 6 and lead to a book for those features while the Etoys 5's book now could become of of the projects in the Gallery.

I would be glad work with everyone to make a book like the attached draft if you would provide projects and explanations.

The screen print attachment shows a way to introduce new things from the opening world.

Balloon help that is consistent with the balloon help in this version is a good idea.
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