[etoys-dev] Etoys Inbox: Sugar-kfr.14.mcz

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Wed Feb 8 05:06:26 EST 2012

A new version of Sugar was added to project Etoys Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Sugar-kfr.14
Author: kfr
Time: 8 February 2012, 11:07:32 am
UUID: ca3a85de-255a-174b-b4e9-707790a31a99
Ancestors: Sugar-kfr.13

Fix look.

=============== Diff against Sugar-kfr.13 ===============

Item was changed:
+ ----- Method: SugarNavigatorBar>>soundControl (in category 'buttons creation') -----
- ----- Method: SugarNavigatorBar>>soundControl (in category 'button actions') -----
  	|  bar slider |
+ 	bar := SimpleSliderMorph new.
-      bar := SimpleSliderMorph new.
  	bar position: ActiveHand position.
+ 	bar borderColor: Color black; borderWidth: 2.
+ 	bar width:25.
  	bar adjustToValue: SoundPlayer soundVolume first."array with stereo values. pick first"
  	bar descending: true.
  	bar beSticky.
  	slider := bar submorphs first.
+ 	slider  borderWidth: 0; color: Color black .
  	slider  on: #mouseUp send: #value to: [ 
  		self setSoundVolume: bar value.
  		bar delete].
  	slider  on: #mouseMove send: #value to: [ 
  		bar scrollAbsolute: ActiveHand lastEvent.
+ 		self setSoundVolume: bar value. self beep].
- 		self setSoundVolume: bar value].
  	^bar openInWorld!

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