[etoys-dev] Etoys: Etoys-kfr.102.mcz

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Mon Feb 6 14:50:01 EST 2012

Karl Ramberg uploaded a new version of Etoys to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Etoys-kfr.102
Author: kfr
Time: 6 February 2012, 8:50:34 pm
UUID: 979df432-56c8-ad4e-bb0a-2d92bafc0957
Ancestors: Etoys-kfr.101

Fix issue starting a script ticking in the Viewer.

=============== Diff against Etoys-kfr.101 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ScriptStatusControl>>mouseUpTick:onItem: (in category 'mouse gestures') -----
  mouseUpTick: evt onItem: aMorph
  	self removeAlarm: #offerTickingMenu:.
+ 	(self ownerThatIsA: ScriptEditorMorph) ifNotNil:[ :i | i deleteEtoysDebugger].
- 	(self ownerThatIsA: ScriptEditorMorph) deleteEtoysDebugger.
  	aMorph color: (Color r: 0.767 g: 0.767 b: 1.0).
  	(scriptInstantiation status == #ticking) ifTrue:[
  		scriptInstantiation status: #paused. 
  		aMorph color: (Color r: 1.0 g: 0.774 b: 0.774).
  		aMorph isTicking: false.
  	] ifFalse:[
  		scriptInstantiation status: #ticking. 
  		aMorph color: (Color r: 0.767 g: 0.767 b: 1.0).
  		aMorph isTicking: true.
  	scriptInstantiation updateAllStatusMorphs.!

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