[etoys-dev] Etoys project publishing with WebDav

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Feb 6 12:50:12 EST 2012

On 04.02.2012, at 20:12, Steve Thomas wrote:

> Folks,
> I am looking at a project hosting site similar to Scratch for Etoys and other Sugar Activities.  To maintain compatibility with existing Etoys versions I plan to use WebDav.  So some assumptions to make sure I don't start down the wrong path and my understanding of how Etoys works is correct:
> 	• I need a WebDav Server
> 	• I will need to create usernames/logins for each user to allow them to connect to the WebDav server.
> 	• Etoys logs into the WebDav server using the UserName/password provided and then places a copy of the project in the subdirectory <username>
> So I need to request the following from the Sugarlabs folks:
> 	• WebDav Server
> 	• Ability to create login's (user/pass)
> 	• A cron job to detect newly uploaded files and parse them to get manifest information.
> Thanks,
> Stephen

Sounds about right, yes.

- Bert -

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