[etoys-dev] If I create a text string which contains squeak code, how can I execute it from within a script?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Feb 1 16:53:37 EST 2012

On 01.02.2012, at 13:24, Steve Thomas wrote:

> Folks,
> I am trying to create a project where kids can enter their own "Connector" functions.
> So what I want to do is given a connector connected to two text boxes (one Enhanced Text, so I can execute a script when they hit <CR> or on <focus loss>).
> I have a string variable defined for the connector, in which the kids can enter a function like ( D = S + 25)
> Where D maps to DestinationPlayer and S maps to SourcePlayer.
> Ideally I would like to generate the below script and execute it:
> doIt
> 	self getDestinationPlayer setNumericValue: self getSourcePlayer getNumericValue + 25
> Need some squeak coding help on this.  I guess specifically, assuming I can figure out how to create a string with the correct code ...
> How do I "do it" to the string?

Compiler evaluate: '3 + 4'

- Bert -

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