[etoys-dev] [etoys-notify] [JIRA] Commented: (SQ-1135) DoubleClick object does not grow or shrink as documented with click and drag

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Sun Dec 9 18:03:57 EST 2012

I had not noticed the DoubleClick object. It doesn't have a category,
so it has to be discovered in the Object Catalog's alphabetic list (or
in source code.)

It seems mostly to meet its stated purpose: it "illustrates the
double-click capabilities of Morphic". The audience seems to be
Smalltalk programmers, not Etoys users. I don't think it is useful for
assembling Etoys projects.

Therefore perhaps we can improve things with one or more of these ideas:
(1) delete DoubleClickExample entirely from Etoys (is there a way to
leave it in Squeak? probably not unless Morphic-Demo is one day made a
separate loadable package).  Mark it as deprecated to be deleted in
Etoys 6?
(2) hide it from Object Catalog (we can delete #descriptionForPartsBin )
(3) modify the demo so that the drag demo is more useful. Judging by
the class comment, and the #startDrag: code, it isn't working
correctly, perhaps as a result of a change to Morphic since
DoubleClick was last touched 12 years ago.

More detail on (3): The object only receives mouseDown events. It
doesn't receive the mouseMoves or mouseUps that it expects. There
seems to be some metaprogramming going on in Morphic that I can't
immediately make sense of, but with some thought, someone should be
able to dream up a more interesting demo, or else delete the drag part
of the demo.

Which do you prefer?


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