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> Le 29/10/2011 06:46, Ricardo Moran a écrit :
> > I noticed, however, that most of the kids use Etoys merely as some
> > sort of enhanced powerpoint but few of them actually see its potential
> > for simulations and programming (they use Scratch or TurtleArt for
> > that). I know that my sensation after seeing just a couple of students
> > doesn't count as valid statistics, and I also know that there have
> > been a lot of discussions about this in the list, but I can't help
> > thinking something is wrong and I wanted to share it.
> >
> The users always surprise you  and they gear freely in a direction
> different from the one you planed for them :)
> Steve Jobs was a master to drive the user where he wanted.

> Teacher have to cope with their reality, which it is difficult for us
> after all.
> So it may suggest to add more graphical tools useful for presentation.
> Your bubble tools are winning pieces for that :)

Yes, some kids told me they would want more graphics to choose in Etoys
(like the ones in Scratch).


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