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Ricardo Moran richi.moran at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 08:34:12 EDT 2011


The squeak list is currently discussing about a spreadsheet morph, and that
just reminded me about how cool is Skeleton actually. So I'm wondering why
it is not in Etoys? I found an old discussion stating that it could be a
nice extension to Etoys but the biggest issue being the slow loading of
external code. I have to agree with that being a problem but I think we
might reconsider just include it in the image as with Dr Geo.

I know we already have a bloated image full of half finished projects but
from what I briefly tested Skeleton seems to work out of the box. And it
doesn't add a *huge* amount of new code. See this simple comparison with

(PackageInfo named: 'Skeleton') systemCategories size. 2
(PackageInfo named: 'Skeleton') classes size. 38
(PackageInfo named: 'Skeleton') methods size. 654
(PackageInfo named: 'Skeleton') linesOfCode. 4765

(PackageInfo named: 'DrGeoII') systemCategories size. 10
(PackageInfo named: 'DrGeoII') classes size. 214
(PackageInfo named: 'DrGeoII') methods size.  1863
(PackageInfo named: 'DrGeoII') linesOfCode.  17154

Another issue, I guess, is that if Skeleton gets included someone will have
to maintain it, but from what I've seen the latest version dates from 2006
and it still works today. So maybe it won't be that big of an issue.

Anyway, if you want to test it: http://www.languagegame.org:8080/ggame/11.

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