[etoys-dev] Toy computers

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Mon Oct 3 16:16:24 EDT 2011

David T. Lewis wrote at

> I don't know much about writing morphs and making them work in the Etoys
> environment,

I am not sure if the process to make an Etoys morph is fully documented.

However, one better is an automated tool that Richo made last year:

(I cc'd the users list, because there are graphical ways that young
Etoys users can use to solve logical problems or build logic machines.
For one approach of many, open an Etoys image, click the Gallery of
Projects bubble, and then "ComputerLogicGame" the third project of the
third row in Etoys 4.1)

> I decided that using
> numbers to implement arithmetic would be cheating, so it's all done
> with booleans instead.

I quite agree!

Have you a target processor in mind?  Last year, a friend lent me a
copy of Donald Knuth's 'Art of Computer Programming' Vol. 1, and ever
since then I have thought that a model of the MIX computer would be an
interesting Etoy. However I think there are simpler learning computers
that could be modelled, though I don't know their names let alone
their specifications.

I guess one approach could be to encourage a learner to experiment
with different architectures.


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