[etoys-dev] Event Theatre issue

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Nov 16 06:43:40 EST 2011

On 15.11.2011, at 22:28, karl ramberg wrote:

> So I looked at the code in PaintBoxMorph>>eyedropper:action:cursor:evt:
> I see that it uses Sensor and just updates the display.
> If we do as in ColorPickerMorph and use ActiveWorld doOneCycle instead I think we can track the events in EventTheatre. 
> [Sensor anyButtonPressed] whileTrue:
> 		[ pt := Sensor cursorPoint.
> 		"the hand needs to be drawn"
> 		evt hand position: pt.
>                 +ActiveWorld doOneCycle.
> 		-self world displayWorldSafely.
> 		-delay wait
>                 ].

It shouldn't use Sensor at all. No Morphic code should access Sensor (except HandMorph which fetches events). It always comes back biting us.

It should use HandMorph, or at least fetch events in a way that is compatible with EventTheater recording and playback.

> But there are some quite weird code issues because both ColorPickerMorph and PaintBoxMorph do color tracking here. 

The point of the low-level loop using Sensor is to prevent regular Morphic event processing. That's why it sets the hand position directly, and redraws it. 

If you call doOneCycle, that does a full Morphic cycle, including event processing, running steppers, etc. The hand's position would be set automatically by that. But indeed it may lead to "weird issues".  The method comment says "Take total control" and avoiding "weird issues" seems like a good reason for that ;)

The simplest way to make this work might be replacing the Sensor access like this:

Sensor cursorPoint ==> evt hand position

Sensor anyButtonPressed ==> evt hand lastEvent anyButtonPressed

Additionally, the hand's position needs to be updated, but without further event processing. Normally the hand's position is set in HandMorph>>handleEvent: which handles the event generated by HandMorph>>processEvents which is called in each world cycle. Instead, we would need a method in HandMorph that only creates events and updates its own position. It also would need to make sure EventTheater records this (not sure how that's implemented). HandmorphForReplay would need to implement the same method but reading events from its tape instead of accessing Sensor.

Problem is that all accesses to Sensor need to be checked and changed accordingly, if only half the code involved is converted I can imagine more weird things happening ;^) So at least ColorPickerMorph and PaintBoxMorph would both need to be cleaned up in one go.

- Bert -

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