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Wed Nov 9 04:29:47 EST 2011

A new version of Morphic was added to project Etoys Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Morphic-kfr..78
Author: kfr.
Time: 9 November 2011, 10:29:02 am
UUID: e2246582-5edf-1e42-8d3d-4d28b78c8883
Ancestors: Morphic-kfr..77

Add some hacks to make color and form translucency work. This hack make 32 bit depth work pretty well. 16 bit and lower work as before.

=============== Diff against Morphic-kfr..77 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Canvas>>translucentImage:at:sourceRect: (in category 'drawing-images') -----
  translucentImage: aForm at: aPoint sourceRect: sourceRect
  	"Draw with a translucent image using the best way of creating translucency.  Perhaps translucency should be available without creating an image form."
+ 	| combinationRule |
  	self shadowColor ifNotNil:[
  		^self stencil: aForm at: aPoint sourceRect: sourceRect color: self shadowColor].
  	aForm isTranslucent not
  		ifTrue:[^self paintImage: aForm at: aPoint sourceRect: sourceRect].
+ 	((self depth = 32) and:[aForm depth = 32])
+ 					ifTrue:[ combinationRule := 24]
+ 					ifFalse:[combinationRule := 34]."better than Form blend = 24"
  	self image: aForm
  		at: aPoint
  		sourceRect: sourceRect
+ 		rule: combinationRule		!
- 		rule: 34		"better than Form blend = 24"!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FormCanvas>>transformBy:clippingTo:during:smoothing: (in category 'drawing-support') -----
  transformBy: aDisplayTransform clippingTo: aClipRect during: aBlock	 smoothing: cellSize
  	"Note: This method has been originally copied from TransformationMorph."
+ 	| innerRect patchRect sourceQuad warp start subCanvas test |
- 	| innerRect patchRect sourceQuad warp start subCanvas |
  	(aDisplayTransform isPureTranslation) ifTrue:[
  		^aBlock value: (self copyOffset: aDisplayTransform offset negated truncated
  							clipRect: aClipRect)
  	"Prepare an appropriate warp from patch to innerRect"
  	innerRect := aClipRect.
  	patchRect := (aDisplayTransform globalBoundsToLocal: innerRect) truncated.
  	sourceQuad := (aDisplayTransform sourceQuadFor: innerRect)
  					collect: [:p | p - patchRect topLeft].
  	warp := self warpFrom: sourceQuad toRect: innerRect.
  	"Render the submorphs visible in the clipping rectangle, as patchForm"
  	start := (self depth = 1 and: [self isShadowDrawing not])
  		"If this is true B&W, then we need a first pass for erasure."
  		ifTrue: [1] ifFalse: [2].
  	start to: 2 do:
  		[:i | "If i=1 we first make a shadow and erase it for opaque whites in B&W"
  		subCanvas := self class extent: patchRect extent depth: self depth.
  		i=1	ifTrue: [subCanvas shadowColor: Color black.
  					warp combinationRule: Form erase]
  			ifFalse: [self isShadowDrawing ifTrue:
  					[subCanvas shadowColor: self shadowColor].
+ 				test := aBlock receiver renderedMorph.
+ 				((test isKindOf: SketchMorph) or:[ test isKindOf: ImageMorph])
+ 					ifTrue:[ ((test form isTranslucent) and:[ self depth = 32])
+ 						ifTrue:[warp combinationRule: 34]
+ 						ifFalse:[warp combinationRule: Form paint]]
+ 					ifFalse:[ self depth = 32
+ 						ifTrue:[warp combinationRule: 34]
+ 						ifFalse:[ ((self depth = 16) and:[(test  color isTranslucent ) or:[ test borderColor isTranslucent]])
+ 							ifTrue:[warp combinationRule:34 ]
+ 							ifFalse:[warp combinationRule:Form paint]]]].
- 					warp combinationRule: Form paint].
  		subCanvas translateBy: patchRect topLeft negated
  			during:[:offsetCanvas| aBlock value: offsetCanvas].
+ 		warp sourceForm: subCanvas form; cellSize: cellSize; warpBits. 
- 		warp sourceForm: subCanvas form; cellSize: cellSize; warpBits.
  		warp sourceForm: nil.  subCanvas := nil "release space for next loop"]

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