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Date:     2011-05-29 18:56:01 +0000 (Sun, 29 May 2011)
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Release-HowTo: add image building section

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-3. Create the release image and files
+3. Create the release image
+* Update your copy of the Etoys SVN repository as described above. Make
+  sure the "Etoys" directory is clean using "svn status".
+* Execute the "etoys.image" file using a Squeak interpreter VM (Stack
+  and Cog VMs are not supported at this time).
+* If at any point you need to start over, revert to the version in the
+  repo. E.g., even just running the image and quitting will modify the
+  etoys.changes file:
+        host:Etoys user$ svn status
+        M       etoys.changes
+        host:Etoys user$ svn revert etoys.changes 
+        Reverted 'etoys.changes'
+        host:Etoys user$ svn status
+        host:Etoys user$ 
+* In the image, switch to the hidden empty top-level project
+* Load updates. Answer *no* when asked to load the latest packages. We
+  only want to load the released updates. Check that "about this
+  system" does not report a repo version, just an update number.
+* Expunge all loaded projects by executing the do-its in the class
+  comment of ReleaseBuilderSqueakland, one by one. Close the
+  inspector if it pops up.
+* Set up the new image by executing
+        ReleaseBuilderSqueakland new prepareReleaseImage.
+  Fix all notifications. When asked for the new version number, only
+  change it if the new release requires it (e.g. we keep the image
+  version as "etoys4.1" even for 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 releases). Changing
+  this number switches the update stream, it corresponds to the "#"
+  sections in http://etoys.squeak.org/updates/updates.list
+* Save and quit the image
+* for testing, do _not_ run the image from here, because this will
+  modify at least the changes file. Better to build a new Etoys-To-Go
+  (see "installers" section below) or make a copy elsewhere.
+* commit image to svn
+4. Update other release files
 _to be written_
-4. Build installers
+5. Build installers
 ### Windows

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