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Release-HowTo: add section about the subversion repo

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 Monticello, and store a new update map. Each update map should be
 published as change set, too.
-2. Create the release image
+2. The subversion repository
-_to be written_
+The files making up an Etoys release are stored in our subversion
-3. Update projects, translations, etc.
+    http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/
+You need to check out the "trunk" branch once:
+    svn checkout http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/trunk EtoysRepo
+After an initial checkout, update to the latest version:
+    cd EtoysRepo
+    svn update
+This will download the latest versions of committed files. After
+updating, you should find these directories in EtoysRepo:
+* _Artwork_: icon files etc. in their "source" format
+* _Documentation_: this file
+* _Etoys_: the cross-platform files, e.g image, sources/changes,
+  example projects, font packages (.sar), compiled translations (.mo),
+  converted QuickGuides (.sexp.gz)
+* _QuickGuides-Projects_: the "source" QuickGuides in .pr format
+* _VM_: the virtual machines for each platform
+* _installers_: the installer files and build scripts for each platform
+* _po_: the sources of translation files. The translation server pootle
+  at http://translate.sugarlabs.org/ commits directly into this
+  directory. Do **not** commit po files here, this will confuse pootle
+  and require the pootle admins to manually resolve the conflicts.
+__Every change you want to be in the release needs to be committed to
+this repository!__ In particular, the "Etoys" directory will be
+installed on the user's machine exactly as it appears in the
+When committing changed files, please check carefully you are not
+accidentally uploading files that should not be in the release. Always
+check the list of files about to be committed.
+A excellent free manual for operating subversion is at
+        http://svnbook.red-bean.com/
+3. Create the release image and files
 _to be written_
 4. Build installers

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