[etoys-dev] How can I set/unset (behave like holder) in a script?

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Sat May 21 09:38:32 EDT 2011


Thank you!!!!  I now know more and have an Etoys way to show kids.


On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 2:56 AM, Derek O'Connell <doc at doconnel.f9.co.uk>wrote:

> On 21/05/11 05:51, Steve Thomas wrote:
>>  Have a button to include a scaled version of a playfield in another
>>  playfield. Due to SQ-935
>>  <http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-935> I can't place them in a
>>  holder (they "auto-scale" further).
> Can't comment on that aspect.
>   So how in a script can I change a
>>  playfield to either "behave like holder" or "auto-line layout"?
>>  I tried to figure it out by inspecting the menu item (so if someone
>>  could educate me I can learn the other "tricks", a quick YouTube
>>  video would be nice, be sure to mention what key shortcuts you are
>>  using if you do ;)
> Here's what I do to get to the code from a menu but maybe there is a
> quicker way...
> Assuming you have set pref: "debugHaloHandle" in "debug" category...
> 1. Bring up halo on playfield, "menu" halo then "Playfield options"
>    (optionally pin this menu for convenience)
> 2. Shift+rmb over "behave like holder"
>    (optionally pin this menu for convenience)
> 3. On "debug" menu select "explore morph" (so now exploring the menu item
> morph, not the playfield)
> 4. Note the "selector" is: #toggleBehaveLikeAHolder
> 5. Click on (highlight) "target": PasteUpMorph
> 6. Ctrl/Alt-b to bring up a browser for PasteUpMorph
> 7. #toggleBehaveLikeAHolder is in the "options" category. The one-liner
> should be what you are looking for.
> Alternative Etoys-like method, after step 2 open a viewer on the menu item
> itself (or drag out a copy/clone). In the "miscellaneous" category is "Menu
> fire" tile.
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