[etoys-dev] volunteer translators needed

Timothy Falconer teefal at waveplace.org
Thu May 5 10:18:21 EDT 2011

Hi partners and friends,

We're looking for a little help with our Waveplace courseware. We're hoping to get it all translated into:

Haitian Creole

Our funds are limited, so I wanted to know if you have any volunteers who could possibly help in this effort.

Our courseware is located at http://wiki.waveplace.org/display/wp/Courseware. So far, the lessons we have finished are:

General-->Basic Etoys (needs outlines and projects translated)
Language Arts-->Storytelling (needs outlines translated)
Mathematics-->Geometry (needs outlines and projects translated)
Science--> Motion (needs projects translated)
Health--> Clean water (unfinished but can translate what projects are finished)
Health--> Malaria (unfinished but can outlines in the meantime)
Technology-->Sugar (needs outlines translated)

As you can see, it's a bit of work. Many things are already translated into Haitian Creole, but not everything.

Please let me know if you can offer any help to us!

Thanks so much!

Timothy Falconer
Waveplace Foundation
+ 1 610 797 3100 x33

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