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Thu Jun 16 16:02:20 EDT 2011

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Revision: 835
Author:   kfr
Date:     2011-06-16 20:02:20 +0000 (Thu, 16 Jun 2011)
Log Message:
Updater 4.1.2394

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Modified: trunk/Etoys/NEWS
--- trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2011-06-16 19:58:12 UTC (rev 834)
+++ trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2011-06-16 20:02:20 UTC (rev 835)
@@ -18,8 +18,48 @@
 * alpha 1 for bug fix release 4.1.2
 * add appendCharacters tile (SQ-809)
 * fix "send to all" (SQ-831)
-* ...
-  (needs to be filled in from http://etoys.squeak.org/updates/2391repo1408-bf.cs)
+* Always use SQUEAKLETS command line argument if given
+* Exporting a GetTextTranslator was giving a DNU because GetTextExporter>>translationFor:in: was asking 'translator translations'.
+* TextDomainManager class>>allKnownDomains was ignoring the special domain 'Etoys-Tiles'
+* Fix layout of MC window
+* Fixed parsing of external function declarations in order to make FFI work correctly.
+* Assure not placing above script header
+* Insert characters at end of text. Fix (SQ-809)
+* Rename insertCharactersAtEnd: to appendCharacters:
+* Fix SQ-831
+* Fixes SQ-884 I'm a little unsure about the use of the deep copier and when you do weak copies etc...
+* ChooseClickTarget returns topRenderer now, so use renderedMorph to access the actual morph
+* If you delete an object its scripts disappear, but its watcher's remain (SQ-885)
+* Fix for deleting Players and associates
+* If you scale a Holder, 'shuffle contents' does not work (SQ-842)
+* Extraneous double spaces present in UI strings (SQ-666)
+* When using 'looks like' tile from graphics, the forward direction is changed to that object we look like (SQ-932)
+* When switching language, parentheses turn into 'grouped' function (SQ-686)
+* Watcher for 'Playfields : cursor' changes to 'Playfields : pasteUpCursor' (SQ-886)
+* Mouseover Feedback of a phrase tile is wrong (SQ-62)
+* GStreamerPlayer's Viewer throws an exception when you try to view 'movie controls' category in Viewer (SQ-671)
+* Fix removeAllMorph for TranformationMorphs
+* Rename insertCharactersAtEnd: to appendCharacters:
+* Make appendCharacters: and insertCharacters: retain the text attributes
+* Picking a morph needs to select its topRenderer, to access the right player (SQ-867)
+* EToys typos (SQ-922)
+* Extraneous double spaces present in UI strings (SQ-666)
+* If you scale a parts bin, then drag an object out an exception is thrown (SQ-936)
+* Connectors Flap, Maker Button when clicked gives subscript error (SQ-538)
+* Possible infinite loop in FixedFaceFont (SQ-877)
+* Minor bugs about TTCFont fallbackFont (SQ-878)
+* Fix for: (SQ-911) 'Scrolling Text' Scripts do not fire with certain Mouse events
+* Fix for: (SQ-912) You get an exception when you have a Scrollable Text's Halo displayed and click <CMD-O> to get the Object catalog.
+* Sound Recorder show does not work properly (SQ-672)
+* Default Book page controls should be 'advanced' instead of short (SQ-636)
+* Playfield's menu item: 'set thumbnail height' does not take effect until you uncheck and re-check 'use thumbnails (SQ-814)
+* Fix file dialog if movie file is missing in movie player
+* Force display update after reversing parts of the scaled screen (makes 'indicate all siblings' work)
+* Honor Prefrerence soundReverb
+* Fix balloon help text
+* Get user name and user colors from gconf if no presence service
+* Fix to (SQ-906)
+* Help bubble text is wrong for color component tiles (SQ-918)
 4.1.2390 (13 Oct 2010)
 * bug fix release 4.1.1

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