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Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 21:06:06 EDT 2011

2011/6/1 Gustavo Ibarra <ibarrags at gmail.com>:
> Cada vez que puedo me tomo el trabajo de traducir estas lecciones de
> etoys de la fundación Waveplace
> http://translate.sugarlabs.org/es/Waveplace/
> Buscando en pootle con relación a Etoys encontré estas dos palabras
> con diferentes traducciones.
> -- Morph.
> Esta traducida como:
> "Formas"
> "Transformaciones"
> "Morph"
> "Morf"
> En la descripción de la clase Morph  dice:
> A Morph (from the Greek "shape" or "form") is an interactive graphical
> object. General information on the Morphic system can be found at
> http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/30.
> Morphs exist in a tree, rooted at a World (generally a PasteUpMorph).
> The morphs owned by a morph are its submorphs. Morphs are drawn
> recursively; if a Morph has no owner it never gets drawn. To hide a
> Morph and its submorphs, set its #visible property to false using the
> #visible: method.
> The World (screen) coordinate system is used for most coordinates, but
> can be changed if there is a TransformMorph somewhere in the owner
> chain.
> En resumen un Morph es todo objeto visualizado en el universo de etoys.
> A su vez esta representación visual("gráfica") puede interactuar con
> otros objetos y/o con el usuario (interfaz gráfica - GUI )
> En lo personal creo que seria conveniente traducir Morph: "forma interactiva".
> -- Sketches:
> Esta traducida como "bocetos" y "dibujos".
> En la descripción de la clase SketchMorph (Hereda de Morph) dice:
> "The morph that results when the user draws a color bitmap using the
> PaintBox (SketchEditorMorph and PaintBoxMorph). "
> Si no interpreto mal, el uso (abstracción) del termino Sketch en el
> mundo etoys/squeak esta inspirado en
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sketchpad
> "Dibujo" no queda mal, se entiende, pero un sketches también puede ser
> una imagen/foto y no solo un dibujo( creado con el Paint )
> En lo personal considero que seria conveniente traducir Sketch:
> "boceto interactivo".
> ¿ Como deberíamos interpretar estas palabras ?
> Me queda la duda si en manuales no deberíamos traducir Sketch y Morph
> bajo un mismo concepto.


First please excuse my replying in English, but I want to express
myself clearly and it is my native language.

The way I see it this thread (started on olpc-sur) touches on three issues.

1) How to harmonize the meaning of the term "Morphs" in eToys?  I have
no specific recommendation on what term to use, I will leave that to
the native speakers and those more familiar with eToys. I am very
grateful that you are taking great care with the context issue I
mention in the Waveplace directions.


Specifically the second direction to reference the eToys PO file for
eToys-specific terms.  I believe that a discussion among native
speakers will yield the best result and I also think the wiki page


can serve a useful purpose in achieving and sharing consensus.  I see
this was copied to the eToys community on this as well.

2) What is the best way to identify such inconsistencies in large
multi-PO projects?  Downloading the PO files and using the poconflicts
tool from the Translate Toolkit can find these sorts of conflicts
systematically, and using the search function of Pootle can find
individual terms.


3) What tools exist to make it easier for localizers to share such
terminology consensus between PO files on the Pootle server within a
given language?  The Terminology project in Pootle is one such tool.
The current glossary.po file is old and needs updating.  Now that
eToys has split into mulitple PO files it would be feasible to produce
a separate glossary for eToys, which I have already discussed with
Bert Freudenberg.

glossary.po files can be generated using the poterminology tool


It takes some experimentation to strike the right balance between too
many terms and too few terms (based on the number of times they appear
in different PO files), but it makes sense to have a separate glossary
for eToys which will pick up eToys-specific terms that are repeated
across PO files.  I will generate a few possible glossary files and
share them with the L10n and eToys list to request feedback on which
is best.


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