[etoys-dev] Help needed - Chinese character support

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Wed Jan 26 23:34:22 EST 2011


The following showed up on the Squeak Mantis bug tracker, and I
am hoping that someone on etoys-dev may be able to help.


Reporter: ericgao
Summary: 0007599: Could not type chinese in Squeak
  "In Squeak 3.8, i could type chinese in Squeak WorkSpaces but
   in Squeak 4.1, I couldn't type any chinese character, only some confusing character showed to me?
   Could Squeak support the language type in with the character supported in system? "

The problem report was auto-assigned to me, but unfortunately I have
no background in Chinese language and Squeak internationalization, so
I cannot help.

I think that the person asking the question (ericgao) is not familiar
with the Squeak and Etoys mailing lists, so I am asking the question
here on his behalf.

Can anyone provide a pointer that might help?


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