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On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 3:18 PM, Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com> wrote:
> We have the offer of a calculus book for elementary grades. Please
> take a look at Don's Web site,
> http://mathman.biz/

Math Myths:
Don and Jerry have come up with a number of "Math Myths" - things that
are NOT true - but ideas people, because of ignorance, expedience
and/or things they were taught, try to shove down their students'
1. You can't take 7 from 3.
2. When you multiply, the answer is bigger.
3. You have to add from right to left.
4. When you subtract the result is smaller.
5. Fractions are small numbers.
6. There's only one way to do something.
7. When you add the result is bigger.
8. When you divide the result is smaller.
9. I can't do it unless someone tells me how to do it.
10. Math is hard and only a few people can do it.
11. You have to know everything about whole numbers before you can do fractions.
12. You have to  know algebra before you can learn about calculus.

This is a fun list... but I couldn't find any examples of his
work/method on his site.

> and let us discuss what it would take to get this done up in a series
> of Etoys projects. If others think it worthwhile, I will invite Don
> here.
> I am also proposing that FLOSS Manuals publish the book, and will ask
> on the Sugar list whether anybody would like to work on this as a
> regular Sugar activity in Python.
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>> To: Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com>
>> Hi Edward,
>> To begin with, I would like to contribute my book Calculus By and for
>> Young People-Worksheets (in ebook form, which is being done by a
>> former student, and will be ready by May). The book is in Socratic
>> format, asking questions leading to the different ideas, with an
>> answer section in each chapter. I have it on a CD now, in pdf form but
>> wanted to make minor changes-like my new email address, new website
>> address..Would anyone there like a copy of this CD? There is a list of
>> materials that would help, in the appendix.
>> I'd be willing to talk to anyone interested in seeing what can come from this.
>> Don
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