[etoys-dev] duplicates and siblings

K. K. Subramaniam kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 20:55:11 EST 2011

On Thursday 24 Feb 2011 10:45:30 pm David Corking wrote:
> Stick with "sibling": it is slightly clearer than clone. I don't think
> the word "clone" as used in the Java language's Object.clone() message
> is any more helpful. I suspect "clone" is more easily confused with
> "copy" by those children whose English isn't very strong. (Also
> "clone" doesn't help translators who need to distinguish nouns from
> verbs.)
Sibling seems to be the best option here. The only drawback is that it breaks 
the stage play metaphor guiding the other terms (player, costume, script) etc. 
Perhaps some simple word that means 'member of a chorus or choir' could be a 
better fit?

> "Duplicate" could easily be simplified to "copy" in a future version
> of Etoys. It means exactly the same thing, as far as I can tell, and
> sounds more friendly: a major goal.
Copy is already used to mean "copy to clipboard" :-(. While the action may be 
suppressed in Etoys mode, it will still lead to confusion.


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