[etoys-dev] duplicates and siblings

Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Wed Feb 23 09:36:17 EST 2011


I'm working on the Etoys reference manual right now, and on one place I want to describe the difference between sibling and duplicate. I hope someone here can help me. Here is what I wrote, is this correct? (the green double boxes refer to the green halo icon).


The green double boxes in the top right duplicates the object. If you hold down the shift key you will create a sibling object. There is a difference between siblings and duplicates. At the moment of creation, it is the same, you will get a copy of the object and all it's scripts. But if you later change an existing script of the original object, the same script of the siblings will change automatically, too. The same script of the duplicates will stay the same as of the moment of the duplication. 


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