[etoys-dev] [squeak-dev] Etoys 4.1 Release Candidate 2

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Sep 22 06:53:07 EDT 2010

On 22.09.2010, at 07:03, Kjell Godo wrote:

> I think that the eToys that comes on the OLPC should have the full
> Squeak development environment open up if you click on the right menu
> command.

It does. On the OLPC XO there is a special "view source" key that brings up the source code for every program. In Etoys, it shows a menu with access to browsers etc. On other machines, try "command-comma" to see it (chosen to be similar to command-period which brings up the debugger).

>  Kids should be able to program in Smalltalk on the OLPC!
> Use the tutorial from the new Pharo distribution to teach Smalltalk.
> Make a simplified Browser like in the Programming Robots book that can
> be used also.

Agreed. It would be awesome if you could make a project that has those tools open. We would happily add it to the "Examples" section.

If you have that, please upload it to our tracker at


And of course, other improvements are welcome too. The Etoys inbox is open at


- Bert -

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