[etoys-dev] Etoys: Sugar-bf.9.mcz

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Tue Sep 14 08:20:52 EDT 2010

Bert Freudenberg uploaded a new version of Sugar to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Sugar-bf.9
Author: bf
Time: 14 September 2010, 2:20:46 pm
UUID: 6e8c019e-07f5-4441-9118-346bd26036f1
Ancestors: Sugar-bf.8

Fix SQ-791: Journal saving fails in Sugar 0.82.1

=============== Diff against Sugar-bf.8 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SugarLauncher>>createJournalEntryFor:filename:mimetype: (in category 'datastore') -----
  createJournalEntryFor: aProject filename: aFilename mimetype: mimetypeString
  	| properties id |
  	properties := self propertiesFrom: aProject.
  	properties at: 'ctime' put: (properties at: 'mtime').
  	properties at: 'mime_type' put: mimetypeString.
+ 	properties removeKey: 'uid' ifAbsent: [].		"would confuse Sugar 0.82"
  	aFilename ifEmpty: [properties at: 'title:text' put: 'Etoys' translated].
  	id := self dataStore create: properties with: aFilename squeakToUtf8 with: true.
  	^id asString!

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