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Ted Kaehler Ted at vpri.org
Mon Sep 13 14:27:43 EDT 2010

	You are right.  This is a bug.  When a guide is loaded, the 
opening script on its first page is not run.
	Please load the enclosed file to fix this bug.
	Record the sound you want and put it into the sound library. 
Get a viewer on the page (not the book) of the first page of your 
guide.  Make a script.  In the script, play the sound.  Press and 
hold the trigger name (normal) until you get a menu.  (The trigger 
button is just to the right of the clock in the script header.) 
Choose "opening".
	Save your project.  Drop it into the folder locale/en/Quickguides.
	(Remove all other things you tried in order to get sound upon opening.)


At 10:57 PM -0400 9/10/10, Steve Thomas wrote:
>I tried having the QuickGuide execute an action on "opening" but 
>could not.  I wanted a sound I recorded to be played when the quick 
>guide opened. I tried using a page script, a book script and a world 
>script all set to on opening, but could not get it to play the 
>sound. The page script works when I change to page 2 then back to 
>page 1 (which had the script, the current version has it as a world 

Ted Kaehler
Viewpoints Research Institute
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