[etoys-dev] [squeakland] Etoys 4.1 Release Candidate 1

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Sep 12 16:30:26 EDT 2010

On 12.09.2010, at 19:37, <kharness at illinois.edu> wrote:

> Bert, 
> The Quick Guide MenusMakeNewFlap has been removed and replaced with a new guide but it still shows in the index with the message 'guide is missing'.
> The new guide about flaps is: SuppliesAdd-aNewFlap and it is in the index and is okay.

Okay, thanks for noticing. This is going to be fixed in the next release candidate.

> A few unexpected behaviors of the new My Flaps flap using the flaps white menu:
> 1.if I select 'cling to left', both the tab and flap go to the left edge but, if I then choose 'lower right' in the 'extras' menu, the tab moves to the lower right but the flap stays on the left, they are disconnected; this is confusing.
> 2. the 'cling to' menu does not change information from 'current position left' when the extra menu command lower right is used.
> 3. if 'center' is selected the tab goes to the center of the world but is disconnected from the flap.
> 4. extras. . . another kind of problem example: bottom left the tab goes to the left but when the tab is clicked to open the flap, the flap opens and it covers the tab. Then the flap can't be closed.
> Regards,
> Kathleen

Would be good to open a ticket about these.

- Bert -

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